Hi, I set up a domain name to point to your DNS servers and then point to an IP for a Turnkey Wordpress instance I had set up the night before. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, though I had originally set up the Turnkey Wordpress instance directly through Amazon AWS marketplace and not through the hub. Can someone please get back to me asap, because this is a very sensitive project that cannot have downtime!

Thanks for your help in advance.


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What about hubdns-info on your appliance? (see here for full HubDNS docs).

If that all seems ok, what about if you test your FQDN from a proxy? A number of people have been having issues with names being cached by their local system and/or external DNS providers for much too long (resulting in FQDNs that take a long time to update...). Using a reliable, regualrly updated DNS like Google's ( seems to help there.

Also if you need your appliance to not have any downtime then you should probably consider getting an elasticIP. While HubDNS is pretty good, there is still a chance that if your IP changes then propagation may take a while for some clients. An elasticIP should minimise that.

[update] See this post by Chris re AWS static IP - I'm fairly handy generally, but Chris is the master when it comes to AWS implementation (because he uses it)...

Looks like, in order to take advantage of the hub's DNS capabilities, I have to actually start my Turnkey servers from the hub and not from Amazon AWS. I was hoping to not have to upgrade :-\

Oh well. It is what it is, and it's working now (started a new WP server, then imported and replicated content/plugins as best I could). 
Thanks for your willingness to help, Jeremy! Seems like you're one of the most active and helpful people here.
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Sounds like you've transferred it now but for future reference using TKLBAM probably would've been the easiest way to transfer your data.

Also (but again probably too late) you should be able to use HubDNS from anywhere. It just requires configuring it on your server end (as well as in the Hub). The beauty of using the Hub for the whole shooting match is that it takes care of a lot of all that stuff behind the scenes...

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