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I have one question about the Turnkey MongoDB appliance.

The MongoDB version used is quite old (1.4.4). The newest mongodb version is 2.2.

Why doesn't appliance use newer version of MongoDB and are there any plans to upgrade to 2.* release of MongoDB soon?

Thanks, and sorry if this has been answered already, but I could not find any information about this.

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But that is the way that Debian (and many other Linux distros) work. They sacrifice having the 'latest and greatest' versions of software for stability and reliability. Security is covered too by backporting security patches. So unless there are features that you need that are not supported or non-security bugs which have been fized in later versions you can rest easy.

If you want a newer version then 2.0.0 is available from the 'squeeze-backports' repo.

The upcoming version of TKL (v13.x based on Debian Wheezy) should have version 2.0.6.

Also TKL v13.x will be available as 64 bit (as well as 32 bit).

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