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I am attempting to get the Turnkey Bugzilla Appliance up and running so that my team and I can use bugzilla.

I have launched the turnkey bugzilla appliance AMI, and went through the setup wizard to create an Instance.

The instance is now up and running, (in my EC2 Dashboard, on my AWS console), and I am able to successfully connect to said instance.

I get a terminal window opened, that is conneced to my instance, and ready to issue commands.

My questions is, where do I go from here? I simply want to access and use Bugzilla, through a web browser. I need to have it set up and customized for my team and our project. I will need to create user accounts for all of them, and we need to start logging bugs ASAP.

I am very confused on what the next steps are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've never used it.

The TKL appliances are optimised for use with the TKL Hub (I guess you could use them on vanilla AWS but I have no idea how). 

When used via the hub they are very simple to get started. Usually creation of an admin user name and/or email, as well as an admin user password are part of the config page prior to launch. You can also associate your appliance with a (free) domain name if you wish. IIRC setting up auto backups at that time is also really easy...

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