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I recently started a Bugzilla server, using the appliance you can see here:

It says under the initial configuration section, that the credentials to log-in to bugzilla should be:


and the password is what I set during th server set up.

But when I try this combination to log into bugzilla, it tells me the username does not exist.


I have also tried just plain "admin" like it says to use for Webmin console, etc. But I cant seem to log in to my Bugzilla with anything.


Is there some way I can reset the admin credentials? Or figure out exactly what the credentials it created for me are?

Again, this info page: says it should be just with my password. But that doesn't work.


Am I missing something here?

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Nevermind. I figured it out. While creating the server apparently I told it to use a different email for the admin user. Sorry for the waste of space.

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