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I am just getting to grips with turnkey and proxmox so if this is my noobness I apologise.


The root password and the password chosen which actually was password only works with webmin.

I had a bit of a look around and from the owncloud conf file I got the owncloud user and dbpassword


So I could log in as owncloud.


I still don't know the owncloud admin password and its not a straight hash its some salt or combination of something. So that stopped me there.

I have tried resetting the password in webmin and it says it does it.


At a guess mysql is running with no password like a default install and credentials for the owncloud db.

what the admin password is for owncloud I don't know.

PS have you guys any plans for samba4?

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Please visit this page it has the info you require in the section First time login.

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Glad you worked it out! :)

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