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What is the preferred method of changing domainname and hostname safely?? I'm a bit gunshy after blowing up proxmox server and the install turnkey containers wi data. I had to re-install to bare metal to recover. Thanks!! Ric

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Sorry I have been a bit slow getting to this one. Thanks for your patience.

Ubuntu and Debian use the /etc/hostname file as well as /etc/hosts

But that won't necessarily mean that you will be able to contact them via the hostname just because you set it. Assuming you wish to use a hostname to connect to your appliance within you LAN then you will need a DNS server. It's relatively easy to set one up. There are plenty of tutorials about online. All you will need to do is add whatever servers you want to contact into it and set it to forward requests to whoever your current DNS is handled by. That way it will check your local DNS first, then any not available there will be forwarded.

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I had wondered about that and didn't want to blow everything up ...again! :) I'll start a new thread about IP addresses.  Ric

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