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Anyone know how I can get .net installed on the turnkey openvz?

It only comes installed with mod-mono-server2 and I need mod-mono-server4.

Any ideas?

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I have never used that applaince but mod-mono-server4 seems to be supplied in the mono-apache-server4 package, so an apt-get install `mono-apache-server4` should get it for you.


What I am uncertain of is what happens tpo the appliance when you install this, does the package now that mod-mono-server2 is also installed and performa an upgrade? I don't know and am not even sure that I'd be able to tell what happened if I tried it for you.

I would suggest deploying a brand new appliance and trying to install mono-apache-server4 to see what happens. If it fails, then you won't have harmed your current deployment.

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@tssgery: Thanks.

I tried deploying a brand new appliance, But when i do apt-get install mono-apache-server4 it gives me:

E: Unable to locate package mono-apache-server4

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I'm really sorry.


When I did a little research I was on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine when I thought I was on a TKL image. mono-apache-server4 is available in the Ubuntu repositories but does not appear to be in the Debian Squeeze (on which TKL is based). It was introduced in Debian Wheezy but that's the release after Squeeze. mAt this stage, I'm not sure where you point you. I'm sure you could download, build, and install it but I've never done that with mono. 

Sorry to lead you the wrong way

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I tried Wheezy, and like you said Wheezy has it. 

I found a Wheezy template container on the proxmox website and was able to deploy and install mono-apache-server4. It works like a charm.


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