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Last week I logged into my Turnkey Hub account and noticed that it was no longer connected to my Amazon account. It was as though I had signed up for the first time and had to go through the setup procedure again. So I linked it to the Amazon account but since then I've just received a message saying that they're vetting the credit card. It's been like that for a couple of days now and as far as I can tell, the credit card information is fine. 

Is there someone from Turnkey I can contact to look into this? I am wondering if my backups are still there and just inaccessible, or if they've been wiped out. 




I posted an issue here a week back.

I can tell you my aws account was dissconnected for over 3 months and after talking to amazon by phone, they reinstated it, telling me that it may or may not still have the old backups on it.

Like you said logging back into the accounts seemed like a first time thing again.

But to my suprise all my old backups are in fact showing up in the hub.

I contacted the tklbam Devs a week ago, as Jeremy suggested, but seems like no bodys home.

Sent them another email 5 days ago and still waiting.

Hopefully someone will be in touch as worried to touch anything.

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Thanks Owen. I read through your post and sent my question through the feedback form. Waiting to hear from someone. 

Hi HRod

Would really appreiciate it if you'd let me know if anyone gets back to you.


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Still no word from the developers through the feedback form, and I still can't access my backups. Is there no official support line for this? The only option seems to be to cancel my account and create a new one, potentially losing all my backups. 

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The devs have sorted a couple of other issues out and I'm not sure why you haven't got any response yet. In fairness though it has only been a few days and AFAIK you only get a support guarantee with the business plan. 

But re-reading your initial post, it sounds like the big issue is actually with Amazon: "they're vetting the credit card". And despite the fact that "as far as I can tell, the credit card information is fine", it is what Amazon thinks about your credit card info that is important. As you are probably aware, the backups are stored in AWS S3 buckets and if Amazon suspended your account there is a chance that your backups are gone.

Have you contacted Amazon to see what the situation is with your credit card? It sounds like that for some reason Amazon have registered a hold on your credit card/account. I would also be exploring with Amazon how/why that happened and why you weren't notified before any acton took place. When I renewed my card and the numbers changed, they sent me a number of emails telling me that my card no longer worked and I was able to update before they took any action on my account. Obviously that side of things has nothing to do with TKL. And Hub won't be able to do anything with your account in a 'frozen' state. Let's hope that it is actually frozen - and not removed...!!

Once your AWS/credit card is all clear and working as it should (is is back up yet??) then I imagine that if they don't show up in your Hub account then they are gone. Out of interest did you have any other AWS products (such as servers or other S3 storage)? If so what happened to that? Are they still still there, or did they get wiped? Also it may be worth checking TKLBAM from the commandline to see if there are any registered backups showing up that way (I suspect it will report the same as the AHub but probabloy worth a shot).

Regardless I will email the devs again myself and try to get you some clarification from their end.

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Amazon control the entire billing process, so unfortunately there isn't much we can do from our side. Amazon usually process payment validation within minutes, and if there is a problem it will show up here with details and steps to take to remedy the issue.

That said, in the past there have been individual cases where Amazon doesn't display any issues, but still return an error to the Hub's validation check. In those cases, the users have contacted Amazon (phone /, and Amazon were fast to respond and remedy the issue on their side.

Re-triggering the Hub's validation process goes like this:

Bottom line, I'd recommend you take one last look at dp-activate to verify Amazon aren't displaying any issues. If all looks OK, attempt to re-trigger the Hub's validation. If that still fails, contact Amazon's super responsive team.

I hope the above helps, and sorry for the late reply.

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Hi Alon & Jeremy: Thanks for the suggestions! I looked at but dont' see anything under Application Name. Just totally blank. 

This is the only AWS service I'm signed up for, so I wouldn't know if any of the other services are affected. I'll contact Amazon and failing that, I'll just deactivate the account and create a new one and link it to the Amazon account.

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