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We are using Gitlab v2.9 and it was working fine. We upgraded to version 3.0 (On 23rd October 2012) and after the up gradation current keys are working fine but the new keys are not working properly.
When I add key for the user from web interface and then cloning the repo it is asking for the password.
And when we add this key to authorized_keys file in Gitlab server it is working fine.
So please help us to rectify this issue.
Geo P.C
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I suggest that you post to the GitLab mailing list. If you don't have any joy there then I suggest that you follow up by posting an 'issue' on the GitLab GitHub page.

Although you are using a TKL appliance I don't think there are any GitLab experts here (I'm certainly not) and it sounds like a GitLab issue rather than one directly related to TKL (although obviously there's no problem posting here, just I don't think that you'll get an answer - although perhaps I'm wrong...)

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Hey Geo PC, if you were actually able to upgrade your appliance, maybe you could take a look at the support thread on upgrading TKL Gitlab? :)

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