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New to TKL, almost new to linux.  Found this site and decided to try out the ticket request system.  Got it booting in a KVM VM, but have no idea what to do from here.  Is there any documentation for this stuff?  If not, can someone tell me how to get the GUI webmin up and running?  Any help is appreciated.


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That is definately one area where TKL falls down. It has slowly built up but still nowhere near where I think it should be. What documentation there is is found in the Wiki (from the links top right of every page - Help>>Documentation) and there is also tons of info burried in the forums (the search is quite good, also top right) and the tags can also be quite helpful (middle left). As far as getting starte is concerned, this page from the wiki may be useful (it was created by another newb). And I encourage you to ask questions and anything useful you discover (for yourself or with assistance) that you think may be of use to others in your position, please feel free to edit/add to the wiki (it's community editable).

Assuming that you have installed from ISO (or a standard VM build) then on first boot it should ask you a number of questions, following that it should go to the 'ConfConsole' which should show the IP of you appliance and where to find Webmin (and Webshell, and perhaps other stuff too). For the record though, Webmin is on port 12321 eg https://<appliance-ip>:12321

Otherwise if you keep in mind that under the hood, the current version of TKL (v12.0) is based on Debian Squeeze (aka 6.0 - previous versions were based on Ubuntu - v11.x on Lucid/10.04) then google is full of great info. Also the upstream software provider (ie in your case the 'ticket request system' software) usually have support forums, documentation and/or mailing lists which can be useful (reading or posting). Also Debian has forums too which may be useful is some cases (assuming that you can't find what you're after here or elsewhere).

Have fun! :)

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I'll look into that.  Thanks for the response!

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