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Hi,  I am new here to the forums but I have tried and tested many turnkey products.  I dont normally have a problem as I am just looking and testing them out and seeing if they will work for the company that I work at.  

ICESCRUM is one that I would like to test out but I have no idea what port to go to for the Dashboard.

I have it running but the only ports that it gave me were for webshell and webmin.  Webmin doesnt say what other ports are open for the appliance when I looked at that configuration for ports and addresses.   

Does someone know how to actually start using the product as what it is used for?  The Dashboard I guess.  Or does someone know where the manual for this appliance is.  I tried the website but its not talking about the appliance (I think).   http://localhost:8080/icescrum it what it says to go to for the dashboard.

Thanks a lot if someone can help.

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I have to admit that i totally missed that they released an icescrum appliance. I'll have to give it a try in the near future.

Normally, the console shows you the ports to url's to use but maybe they forgot it on this appliance?  

The first place I would look is:


I am assuming that they have deployed icescrum on top of their tomcat appliance with puts tomcat on port 80. If so, the URL above 'should' work. Report back if that's not the case and I'll see if I can deploy an image real quick (later today or early tomorrow) and check it out for you.

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I deployed an icescrum appliance to test this out. The TKL console shows the url as:

Web: http://<ipaddress>



That is correct, I navigated there and got the icescrum dashboard/main page. Note, that it looked like a blank page other than a few icons at the top that let me create a project as well as a few other things.

One other thing to note, during deployment... you are asked for a domain name to be served. After I created a project, icescrum redirected me to that url. So, when you deploy... make sure and specify a url that is resolvable to your appliance (either by fqdn or modifying your /etc/hosts file).

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I'm no pro on spanish or most things I do, I am mostly a tinkerer of every type of tech for computer type of info.  I only know little of everything to get me by and if needed I go further into it but then forget how to do what it is I learned because I am off onto a whole other type of tech.  I guess I follow instructions well but for some reason dont contain the knowlege learned.

Thanks Eric for your help.  I suppose I set it up wrong.  I did save a copy before I tinkered and so I will try to redeploy.  I just wanted to see how well it works and if it would work for what I needed it for.  I thought that icescrum had the post-it note look and feel and I am gonna see if we need it here at a hospital that I work at.  I am the only I.T person here and need help in containing info for the day of the switching over our HIS and onto a new EHR.  We are gonna be doing a conversion from one to a whole new HIS/EHR next year.

There will only be a few people using it though but its tough getting them to adopt something new, nurses, doctors or their helpers.

Have you seen anything like that.   Sort of a helpdesk/tasklist, etc, etc sort of a ticket based but not really or only.  We are a non-profit small town hospital.

Thanks again Eric.

Thanks to all.

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I think it may be hard to get yourt users (doctors, nurses, etc) to use icescrum (or any similar tool), so here is my opinion(s). I am certified as both an Agile Scrum Master as well as an Agile Product Owner so  tewnd to lean towards things that help me enforce process and give visibility. I've used one open source solution called xplanner which is pretty good and my company now uses VersionOne (not free and way more than you need). I just did a quick search and there is now an xplanner+ which looks better than xplanner and is still OSS. I can't compare icescrum to anything as I have not used it.

Generally speaking, you have a few options:

  1. Use a tool like icescrum. For people who you can't get to use the system directly, you could enter the data for them. Each 'post-it' note in icescrum represents a "story" (something that a user wants to accomplish. You could then use icescrum to prioritize the wortk to get done and keep yourself organized. The advantage to something like icescrum is that you can track your progress and report out to others very easily.
  2. Use real post-it notes or index cards. If you really just want to keep yourself organized, you could just buy a stack of index cards and go "low tech". There is nothing wrong with that at all, it's how I keep myself organized. The problem comes in when people ask to see your progress :)


If it were me, I'd go with option #1 and look at both icescrum as well as xplanner+. There is not a prebuilt xplanner+ TurnKey appliance but I imagine it'd be REALLY easy to create. I could probably spit one out for you if you'd like (though it might be a few days before I can get to it).

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They are good.  Thanks for your help.  I am checking out xplanner+ looks like what I am looking for.  No need to create anything for me as I have been testing so many different systems that it just might not even work out for me and so the story may continue.  

I have never tried using the war type files but have an idea on how to use.  I will test by using my linuxlite or the standalone tomcat.  I believe that has openjava.

I will let you know how it goes.  This task to find the a good app is really getting to take a long time and I need to move onto everything else on my agenda.  Still, I do have time to find the perfect  application. 

BTW I wasnt able to get icescrum to work.  I can go to the http://address/ or https://address but I get the 404 tomcat error.  I looked for the server.xml file and found that it is redirecting correctly to another unused port.  I will try again later though.  Tomorrow will be a better day for it.  I maybe forgot to open the port on the server.

Thanks again, really.

Thanks to all.

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Although I have had issues with Java applets if they don't have enough RAM (in my experience that usually results in a 503 error though).

As for planning/tracking/organising apps - not sure if it would suit your purposes but I have been using Trello for a while now and find it great (and just keeps getting better). Unfortunately it's not FOSS but it is free (as in beer). But as with anything new the problem is always getting others to use it...

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I like Trello.  Very nice.  Very useful.  I showed it to my wife and she loves it.  But she's not an organizing kind of person and so I will see how that will go.  We've been renovating for the past 4yrs now (slowly). I will see how it goes with her/us and to help us see where we are at to complete all projects at home.

I do see a lot of potential by the people that I know at work for Trello and it could be useful to keep everyone in the loop and in realtime.  Everyone has different projects going on and I will promote to them Trello.

Thanks Jeremy for the heads up.

Thanks to all.

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