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Need to roll back SOAP version

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I'm working with a very old application that requires an old version of SOAP to function. The version of SOAP I need to install is 0.9.4

So I logged into the server and did a: pear list. This displayed the latest version of SOAP was installed.

I then did the following commands:

pear uninstall soap

pear install "channel://pear.php.net/SOAP-0.9.4"

I restarted apache then did a "pear list", this displayed the correct version of SOAP, however the application was still behaving like the latest version was still installed. So I uninstalled soap again, then restarted apache. phpinfo() was still reporting that soap was active, and the application was behaving like the latest version was installed.

Do I have to go about this a different way? How can I get SOAP down to version 0.9.4 on the LAMP appliance?

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Do I have to recompile PHP?

Do I have to recompile PHP? What are the steps to accomplish installing the older version of SOAP?

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