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I thought I got it all settled.  I have been pulling Amazon orders into Magento and occassionally I do not get any Cron Errors in the M2EPRO linkage that ties them together within Magento (1.6.2).

The common error is however:

Attention! The Cron job is not running at the moment. The Amazon Integration DOES NOT WORK without automatic task scheduled by cron job.
You can check this article to get better idea why cron job is mandatory. The command for cron job for your server environment can be found here.

Has anyone out here been working on Cron in TKL Magento?  Any guidance so that  I can be sure the system works and also not have these irritating error notes jump up at me.

If I run xyz/magento/cron.php I can kick the system for sure and orders generally move through.  This does not however run other updates that should be triggered more on demand.

Our system seems to be "reading in" somewhat regularly but not "writing out"...  I don't really understand the APIs but I am sure we have everything set up correct except for Cron.  We have magento cron set to run on 5 minute intervals but magento does not seem to think it is operating.

Once and a while the error goes away so perhaps some version of Cron is working, occassionally.

Thoughts?  sorry to ask a few times on this.

L. Arnold


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