I am new to TurnKey Linux and Owncloud, I am looking on how to add NTFS Mount with the TurnKey Interface for data storage for Owncloud on my current SAN. Does anyone have any pointers or direction as to where to find these docs?


A big help would be great and I would be extreamly thankful.

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I assume you want to mount a share from another system (or NAS device)? If so, then you can go into webmin at https://ipaddress:12321 (login as root with the password you supplied at installation time). From there, go into "Disk and Network Filesystems" and add a mount for a "Common Internet Filesystem (CIFS)". You'll need to supply the mount point and credentials for the CIFS share.

I don't know much about OwnCloud, it may be looking at a specific mount point data... you'd have to check intot hose details or maybe someone else here can help.

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