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I just had to bring up a "Snapshot" of one of my servers which would indicate that my TKLBAM backup set will be out of Synch with it.

How Can I force the creation of a New Backup set without deleting the Old Set itself (I want to get a functioning restore from it but am strking out with the "Extensions" database in Joomla (seems to have been made huge).

any and all help is appreciated.

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I didn't use Caps but this allowed me to build a new Backup without deleteing the old one.


tklbam-init --force

then add your initialization key  (I had to type mine in as I don't know how to "paste" into webshell.

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Just had to reboot a system that was hung up in Backup process.

Ran tklbam-init --force

but then when going to run a new back up getting an error that "another backup is running".

Is there something switch I can set, or a way to watch to see if a backup is actually running (ie via Cron?)

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I had/have the issue that I cloned an install and two VM's were pointing at on Backup set.  Cleanup time.

I did get a new backup building from the VM I had to wait for...  strangely the backup seemed to continue even after Reinitializing the API Key in process.

(will do a test re restorability on that backup for sure)....

Lessons here:

If you CLONE a VM, Immediately Reinitialize TKLBAM on the new VM or the Old One, but at least one o them)

Test your backups for usability in restore (probably easiest via a Restore to a Cloud Server)...

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