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I've checked out this thread:


And added / check the firewall and still stuck at a dead end. The backups did work on this server for a while and just stopped randomly after a month.


I am getingthe issue with ntpdate from the post above.


Can anyone provide any insight to this?

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Just wanted to update after digging around more.


For some reason I'm not able to use ntpdate -u which the tklbam-backup uses. 

I am able to ntpdate -u or 1..2... etc even specific hostnames inside the pool. Is there anyway I can edit the backup script to use a different pool than "" ?

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I doubt that the NTP server is hardcoded into TKLBAM. I imagine that it uses whatever NTP server that the server itself is set to use. So I'd try adjusting that. I don't know for sure but I would expect a config file in /etc - or maybe you can/need to reconfigure it with dpkg - something like 'dpkg-reconfigure ntp'...?

Failing that, perhaps not the best solution - but another fairly easy way to go would be to just add an entry to the /etc/hosts file to redirect the ntp lookup to what ever server you want.

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Thanks for replying. I'm not too sure what the issue is, but when i run the backup it shows ntpdate -u Either way we have about 7 turnkey linux servers and this is the only one suffering with this issue. I just mapped an entry in the host file for a temporary fix. I'll check more into configuring ntp again.


Thanks again Jeremy!

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