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Can the turnkey core use any of these filesystems Reiser, XFS, JFS or just ext4?

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To see what filesystems your currently running kernal and modules are capable of supporting, you can examine the /proc/filesystems file. If there specific one you are looking for is not supproted by default, you can always install support for it (via apt-get).
Now, for the root filesystem, I do not believe you can select what filesystemn to use. You're stuck with ext4. If you need something else, I'd use ext4 for the root filesystem and then creayte a secondary filesystem and use whatever I needed and mlunt it appropriately.
on my vanilla turnkey system, this is what I see in /prov/filesystems:
nodev sysfs

nodev rootfs

nodev bdev

nodev proc

nodev cgroup

nodev cpuset

nodev tmpfs

nodev devtmpfs

nodev debugfs

nodev securityfs

nodev sockfs

nodev pipefs

nodev anon_inodefs

nodev inotifyfs

nodev devpts

nodev ramfs

nodev hugetlbfs

nodev mqueue



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