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I used TurnKey Hub to backup vTiger 5.2.1. Everything went well. 

Used restore to migrate the 5.2.1 data into a fresh install of Turnkey vTiger 12.0 (5.4.0) and everything appears to work, but when I sign in to the appliance i get a blank page with the message: Migration Incompleted. Please contact your system administrator.

I've tried the migration from scratch 2 times. Not working. 

What am I missing? Or is this a bug?


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I'm only guessing but often backend database changes occur between versions of upstream software. As such you may need to run some sort of migration script to update your database to what the new version expects.

Most upstream software have forums, mailing lists and/or wiki where you hould be able to find this info. Even google can be a great source of info in that regard (someone might have written a blog post about it).

Also if you find a solution it'd be great if you post back as it may save others the effort. Thanks :)

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And in a perfect world it would be, but unfortunately that's not the case. TKLBAM is aware of the appliance that it is backing up/restoring to/migrating to but doesn't (yet) actually take into consideration changes between versions.

A couple of the appliances have update scripts (in the form of TKLPatches) produced by the community that update the upstream software and your data in situ, but unfortunately that is only for a couple of appliances and still doesn't factor in the changes between TKL major versions.

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In my experience you want to upgrade the Lucid -Vtiger 5.2.1 appliance up to the same generation as the Squeeze appliance.  If it is 5.4 I recall some posts in the forums here about how to get Lucid upgraded to there (I got mine upgraded to there anyway).

Once it is on the same generation, then run

TKLBam-Backup on Lucid


TKLBam-Restore (BU#x) --force 

on a freshly installed Squeeze appliance.

All of your passwords should be the same and everything SHOULD upgrade for you.

I have gone through this process with Joomla and Magento and need to do so next with VTiger.

All takes some time.  I will see what I can get to happen on my side soon.

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That sounds like a very reasonable suggestion! :)

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My recollection is that simply doing this with the 5.4 package works for everything except the Ticket System.  (See entry title "HaHA" re 5.4)

There should also be information on this on the VTiger forums (their website, not TKL)  for much of the upgrade process as well.

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