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Unable to Login in Mongodb

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Can anyone let me know the default username and password for Logging in MongoDB which i have recently downloaded from turnkey template.

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Set them with the init scripts


Should get you going... :)

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same issue

same issue

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Which version are your using?

Which version are your using? And where/which build? E.g. Hub, VM install from ISO, etc.

I just tested the v14.0 appliance via the Hub and I could log in fine using "admin" and the password I set on launch. It should work fine from the ISO install too (the Hub instances are built from the ISO).

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Same problem here. Can't

Same problem here. Can't login after using template (proxmox) no matter what username/combo I try.

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Are you using the old one or the new one?

V14.0 definitely works. Although you'll need to install from ISO.
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Same here

Proxmox with iso ver 14.01

Can't login!

With or whithout ubdates.


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Ok right you are...

Hmm, I'll look into it some more.
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Ok I have a workaround...

Apologies to everyone. We will fix this and re-release a fixed build. In the meantime here is a workaround:

In a terminal set your new password:

then copy/paste this:
service mongodb stop
mongod --dbpath /var/lib/mongodb --noauth --fork --logpath /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.reset-admin.log --bind_ip
mongo admin --eval "db.changeUserPassword(\"admin\",\"$NEW_PASS\");" 
mongod --dbpath /var/lib/mongodb --shutdown
service mongodb start

[updated] to use the proper syntax for running mongo within a bash script (i.e. "--eval"); plus added "--bind_ip" when starting mongo with "--noauth" (so that mongo will only accept local connections while running with no authorisation required).

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