The problem is after install prestashop server, When I try to login prestashop There is 1 error :

  1. Authentication failed

, the email that I put on install to admin and password don´t work,

I install 4 times and the error is the same.

I review the data base to employe and I found in the table tha email is there, the password is diferent, But With this information doesn`t work

I try to use "I forgot password" in prestashop, but the message is There is 1 error :

  1. There is no account registered to this e-mail address.

Please could you Review this.


Thanks Jaime

Jeremy Davis's picture

As noted on the appliance page the admin login can be found at  https://$your_domain/administration

I just span up an AWS instance to test and it works fine for me...

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