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File Server Domain Setup

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Can someone tell me what I need to setup a File Server using Proxmox. :)



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Where have you got to?

And what are you struggling with? More than happy to help but would be good if you could give me a bit more to go on... :)

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File Server

I have installed Turnkey File Server 12, its up & running. what I would like to know how to setup backup & how I can connect to to my domain nane, so it can be accessed remotely over the internet.


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TKLBAM is the built in default backup

But it will require you to create an AWS account and link it to a TKL Hub account. By default it uses AWS S3 storage (~$0.14/GB/mth) but you can also use other storage mediums (eg local storage). Using alternative storage is not quite as easy, but can be done... (have a look at the docs - under TKLBAM, FAQ). Obviously you are also free to choose some other sort of backup.

To configure your domain name you will need to configure a nameserver somewhere to point to your IP. If you have a static external IP then your domain host should be able to sort you out there. If you have a dynamic IP then you'll need to set up dynamic DNS. TKL also offers this service through the Hub and it is free (if you use their free tklapp.com domain) but you may need to pay AWS if you wish to use your own domain that you have purchased (I'm not sure on the details, you'll need to do some research).

You will also have to configure your networking so your appliace is available publicly. This may involve NAT port forwarding, and/or adding a firewall exception. Due to the range of equipment available and the differences in their administration I can't offer much help there. I suggest that you consult the manufacturers documentation and/or google.

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Domain Setup

Can you tell me how to setup to connect my domain to Turnkey File Server. 

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I'm not sure...

But Kurt posted this recently. Should get you going by the look of it.

Also a quick google turned these up. Some relate to Ubuntu (but probably will still work). I haven't tested them so can't vouch for them at all.


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