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I recently set up a site using <mydomain> Once configured and set up to my liking, I now want to migrate it to <mydomain>.org. Reading the blog posting about this at did not yeild much help. It appeared this was easy to do when spooling up, but not as easy once up and running.

I am pointing the registrar to use the Amazon DNS servers. The A Record points to @ <ipaddress>. I have double checked the ip address for the A Record, just to make sure. Hoping to make sure people who type in www.<mydomain> also get to the site, there is also a CNAME record with www pointing to @. Still, nothing resolves when going to my url.

Right now I will confess DNS records confuse the heck out of me. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you live in Charlotte, NC, I will be more than happy to buy you a beer in return for your patience.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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I haven't attempted what you are trying to do and I'm sure it's possible. But if you have a handle on how to do this from scratch, then why not use TKLBAM to launch a new server with all your data and the desired domain name?

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