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I've just bought a micro reserved instants via AWS console but it doesn't appears on my hub.  Did I do it wrong?  Am I supposed to buy it via the hub's panel only?



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Some are not yet supported (sydney for example)

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Singapore.  Hope it'll be coming soon.

Thanks anyway.


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Reserved instances are only supported on EBS-backed instances (Budget/Business plans), so if you're on the Hobby plan (S3-backed), reserved instances won't take effect. Also, reserved instances are instance size specific - ie. t1.micro, m1.small, etc.

Reserved instances are zone specific as well. Regions (ie. Singapore = ap-southeast-1) are split into zones (ie. ap-southeast-1a, ap-southeast-1b), so for reserved instances to take effect, the instance needs to be launched in the specific zone. Understanding how and when to use which zone can be confusing, so the Hub automatically associates your account to a specific zone (actually Amazon picks a zone for you when launching an instance, and the Hub stores the value, so any future actions performed in that region will be done in the specific zone.

If you already have zone specific assets (ie. volumes), the Hub will use that as your preferred zone. For example, EBS volumes are also zone specific, so when you create a volume, it will be created in the associated zone so attaching it to an instance will work.

For the above reasons, it is recommend to purchase reserved instances via the Hub, as it will do the right thing (instance size, region, zone, reservation type).

Amazon also recently added more reserved instance types, which currently aren't supported in the Hub, but if the instance size and zone match your instances, Amazon will still apply the reduced billing to your instances even if it doesn't show up in the Hub. Remember, reserved instances are a billing feature.

I hope the above clarifies the issue. If something still isn't clear, let me know.

[edit] BTW, Singapore is already supported in the Hub.

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