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So I have been playing around with owncloud for a few weeks now.  I think it is great, but being a beginner linux user it is not so clear to me how to administer something more usefull.  is it possible to add additional appliances to my server.  for example i have owncloud running, but it doesnt play well with any music i put on it.  also, one major addition i would like it ti add openphoto to try it out.  i have a LOT of photos organized into folders albums on a NAS and would like to put all that on ownclout/openphoto with an album interface to i can browse all my stuff over the internet, share, etc.

also, i would like to add users to the server.  this is not straight forward.  i added a user in the webmin console but that just added a linux system login, it doesn't add a user to owncloud.  I have been browsing around and cant find a good start, or how to doc, to really get me going.

can anyone help?

Thanks a bunch.

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when ever i try to use apt to find a package, eg openphoto, i never turn up anything.

so, is there a way to have owncloud for file and media storage, AND openphoto to organize the photos on the cloud server?

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As you discovered much of the software doesn't come from the Debian (or TKL) repos. This means that you can include additional software, but you have to do it manually.

If you are doing this locally (either at home or at work) then I would recommend installing ProxmoxVE to hardware and then run the appliances that you want as individual OpenVZ containers.

Otherwise you could install the extra functionality you want to your existing appliance. But you'll need to do it manually.

Thje other option with the ownCloud appliance is to consider Tom;s suggestion and see whether the added functionality you are looking for can be acheived with ownCloud addons.

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ok, so how do i add software manually?  I have tryed to add a half dozen or so things, but never get any additional functionality as far as i can tell!?!?

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If you are talking about ownCloud apps then I have no idea. Probably best to talk about that with the ownCloud community (I assume that they have a forum and/or mailing list).

If you are talking about manually installing additional web apps then you'll need to be much more specific with your questions (and even then who knows whether I'll be able to help) because how you do it will depend on each individual piece of software and how the ownCloud appliance is set up. OTTOMH I'm not even sure what webserver ownCloud uses. The basic idea would be to install the desired web app (and it's dependancies) and create a virtual host (or route) to the app. What that would actually involve will depend on a whole range of factors. It's not something that I have any expertise in as I personally much prefer to keep the functionality of appliances completely separate (and acheive multiple functions/roles through having each appliance as a VM on my dedicated hypervisor).

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I have installed proxmox VE 2.2-24.  downloaded the owncloud template and clicked create CT and selected the owncloud download.  Now I can't get acces to the app(owncloud).  No address I have tried gets me the app(owncloud) home or webmin.  I also dont see the logs mentioned in the documentation Ive read.

Here is a screen cap. if it helps:


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partial success, I changed the ip of owncloud and now i get the login, but dont know the password.  I tryed some defaults but didnt work. slowly but surly getting there....

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Try running Turnkey initial to seed all passwords 


Edit : stupid spell check it should read turnkey-init 

Chris Musty


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If you connect to your Proxmox host - either via SSH or click on the host in the left hand pane in WebUI and then click 'Shell' (which should open a Java applet browser window with a shell connected to your PVE host - similar to the console window that connects to a VM) and run the following commands:

vzctl start <VMID> # if your VM isn't already running)
vzctl enter <VMID>

Where <VMID> is the VM number set in Proxmox.

Then follow the steps. Once completed type 'exit' and close the window. Your VM should then run as expected (with the password you set).

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Thanks guys, the turnkey-init worked, now i'm in.  The proxmox host console does nothing, just brings up a black box that I can type text in but no command line.  BTW  in webmin (owncloud) over firefox browser i cant type in '-'.  took me abit to figure out how to type the command i wanted.

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I checked on Proxmox and the button to click is 'Shell' (sorry I got confused, it says 'Console' when you select a VM). As I said in my (edited) post above it should open a Java applet window connected to your host (basically a command prompt that simple says: "root@proxmox~:" - assuming that your PVE host is called proxmox), at least that's what both of my PVE hosts do... (PVE 2.2 accessed via Chrome v25 with Java v7.15 on Windows 7 Pro)

I assume that you mean Webshell (when you say webmin). Your issue in Firefox is a known (upstream) Webshell bug which has yet to be fixed AFAIK. The current workarounds are to use an alternate browser (it seems that Firefox is the only browser affected) or use the '-' key from the numpad (if using a full keyboard).

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But a quick google suggests to me that you may need to create a new certificate and ensure that your hostname/FQDN are set and match the cert... TBH I'm not really sure exactly how you go about this but perhaps searching (and/or posting on) the ownCloud forums might be the way to go? At least to get clarity on what is required... General googling in regard to (Debian - basis of TKL) certificate creation might be of assistance too (when you have clarified the requirements).

Sorry I can't help more, but hopefully it might head you in the right direction?

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