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Hi all,

I just launched a new instance from the hub (Orange HRM) and I am unable to connect to it via the webbrowser.

I can ping it just fine but I am unable to either SSH in or see the webmin panel (or the web shell)

I am getting the following message:


The site you are looking for is currently not available.

What is TKLAPP.com? it's a free dynamic DNS (DynDNS) service provided by the TurnKey Hub. It includes a simple to use web interface as well as a powerful API.


pinging tklapp.com works fine also, but again, going to tklapp.com (domain name only) returns the same error as above.

Is the dynDNS service down? or is it just me?


thanks for the help

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The service isn't down. Your ISP's DNS server is probably caching the old IP address. It's not supposed to do that. We set the TTL (time to live) on dynamic DNS addresses to 10 seconds but not all DNS servers respect that.

Try using a different DNS server such as Google's public DNS:

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