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For whatever reason several packages seem to barf when I open a console. I have the java window open to see if there is any error message, but there seems to be none. But, when I launch a console I get a black screen with a "`" in the upper left corner. I'm running Promox as the base server and that works. So does Word Press. Canvas and OwnCloud don't. I've removed them both, deleted their tar files and re-downloade them, and re-installed to be sure. Same thing. turnkey-init command was run. Still the same failure. Anyone have a clue, where is works on the Proxmox admin and one other turnkey installed container??

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But I rarely use the Proxmox Java consoles. Personally I prefer using either SSH (from the commandline in Linux - Mac OSX has it to apparently) or PuTTY (from Windows).

If they work ok, then my suspicion would be your local Java browser plugin or the browser itself... Or maybe even something with the PVE host? Perhaps try updating? Although it does sound strange that it only occurs intermitantly on some servers (and not consistantly in all - as I would have expected if it where any of the things I mentioned above).

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I have come across this now myself and I don't think it is anything to do with the Java console, and possibly not even anything to do with PVE. I have noticed that sometimes the firstboot scripts do run but something goes wrong and the console errors out. As the console on OVZ containers acts somewhat more like a real console now, when you reconnect, you are actually reconnecting to the same session (i.e. like you would if you were sitting at a real machine).

A workaround that has been working for me is to reboot the machine, then all seems to work as intended...

To avoid this in the first place I have been creating OVZ containers from the PVE WebUI but then starting them and manually running the firstboot scripts from an SSH session on the PVE host. Assuming the OVZ container has a VMID of 101:

vzctl start 101
vzctl enter 101
turnkey-init #<follow first boot prompts>
vzctl restart 101

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