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I have a Virtualbox VM set up with two interfaces.  One is a bridged NIC, the other is a wireless USB, connected to using the USB addon.  They are both setup at boot using DHCP.  Whenever either one is active the address for either interface is responded to.  (i.e.  eth0 UP only - ping to IP of eth0 responded to & ping to IP of wlan0 responded to & vice versa)  Now if both interfaces are down then no responses are given.  

Is this a design to enable fault tolerance or anything?

Thanks, Chuck

Also (on a somewhat related question)  In the "Networking" sectio of the "Adavnced Menu" on the "Show this adapters's IP address in Usage" what is that referring to?  Is it talking about where it shows you the server addresses?

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I'm not sure if it is designed by intent to be some sort of 'fall over' mechanism or if it is just a result of how Linux does networking. My understanding is that becuase the OS is aware of both interfaces they are sort-of bridged within the OS by default, so while there is a network connection then all interfaces can be contacted (whether they are connected or not - because even if they aren't connected externally, they are connected internally). If that is not the behaviour you require then depending on what you are trying to do there may be a way to work around it...

As to your question, the "Networking" section of Conf Console displays whichever interface is the 'primary' or 'default' interface. On the page that displays both interfaces (without all the details...) one of the interfaces will have an asterisk ('*') next to it - that is the one which the details apply to,,,

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As long as the OS sees both NICs then TKL should allow you to handle both. Just that the second is not configured by default. You can enable it and set it as you can the first (i.e. static or DHCP).

From the ConfConsole:

Advanced Menu >> Networking 

Then you should be able to configure your other NIC.

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