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I want to set up a simple VM server on my home pc. 

I want to be able to ssh or vpn in

I basically want it to be a centralized file server that I can access from anywhere, but also have access to from my local network.

I have a 2 tb external drive I want to use as my main place of storage - running on an older but steady laptop with enough processing power and ram to accomplish this. It basically sits there unless my wife wants to browse the internet.

Is there a way to mount the external drive to the server as well as have it available locally?  Would I map network drives to each pc locally and that's how I'd access info?

Should I go with the file server, or domanin contrller, or something else?

I like to play around and learn so the least limitations would be best, but obviously my needs aren't very robust. 

I currently have installed the turnkey core 12.0 and thought that I would add appliances on top, then I started seeing the appliances actually come with the core so if there's a way for me to just add the file server appliance on top of my existing install that I have up and functioning that would be cool. I would imagine there has to be otherwise everyone is pigeon-holed into their initial installation with no options. 

Newb to turnkey - there seems to be a lot of scattered documentation - although good forum help from the devs so figured I'd come here. Plus the vast amount of options leaves me wondering which direction I should take this.


Thanks to all!

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oh and is there an IRC room?

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Perhaps one way to go if it's only used for a bit of casual web surfing is to install TKL and then install a desktop (such as Gnome, KDE, LXDE or XFE).

Another way to go would be to keep the existing OS and install the server to a Virtual Machine (using VirtualBox or similar).

A 3rd way would be to install a Hypervisor OS (like Proxmox) and either install a desktop to it (as above).

Options 2 and 3 lend themselves to having multiple appliances running, whereas 1 doesn't.

On all 3 you could use the external drive locally and from the server although you'll want to be careful as depending on your config, removing the drive could have not so great consequences.

The Fileserver would seem like an obvious fit to me...

And no you can't "add the other server on top" (unless of course you use a Hypervisor). The point is that TKL appliances are designed as dedicated task specific servers, not all-in-one appliances. The target market is more developer/tester/business users, rather than home users. That doesn't mean that they are not useful for home users too, but that's just not the target... That means that either you'll need to start with the appliance that best fits your desired need and add to that (manually - you'll need to learn a few linux skills in the process...) or use option 2 or 3 above and install them individually.

And yes there is an IRC channel but I don't think that there's ever anybody hangin out there sorry.

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