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Hello to everyone and thanks to Turnkey for their appliances.

We have a strange problem regarding automatic snapshot schedule in Turnkey Hub: it seems that some schedules are not working at all. For example on an specific instance we have hourly and daily snapshot with different retention but only hourly snapshots are created (and deleted) following the schedule; no daily snapshot is being created and listed.

If we try to create a manual snapshot it seems to work fine. The problem is present in several instances that we have in the hub. I tried to disable and reenable snapshots partially or completely with no success.

What i really don't understand is: who manages the scehdule, can we receive a log?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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And IIRC it'd be found /var/log/tklbam or something like that. Perhaps that may shed some light?

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Thanks for reporting the issue. I went over the logs and noticed that the daily cron job for snapshots was raising an error towards the end of its cycle due to a Amazon returning an Error (one of the accounts was invalid).

I deployed a fix to handle these type of errors, and added some more error handling just in case.

Sorry about that. If you come across any other issues, please let us know.

@Jeremy - LucalM was referring to the EBS snapshot functionality, not TKLBAM (can be confusing, I know...)

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Thanks Alon. Obviously didn't read properly! :)

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Hello everyone,


Thanka a lot for your help.  Alon, everything seems ok now :-)


Best regards,


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