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Conceptual advice needed (newbie)

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I have run a vBulletin forum on a shared host for a number of years. Several years ago I also assumed responsibility for a community group's web site hosted on IIS. That site is almost all static web pages updated with Notepad. As their host, Terrasite, seems to be failing, I brought the site over to my host. Now that it's on LAMP, I have a lot of free or low-cost options and am leaning toward WordPress.

I've wanted a LINUX development environment for several years but never got around to it. Since upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 Pro, I now have Hyper-V and downloaded Turnkey LAMP. I'm fumbling with it but it runs well.

My 20,000-foot question is: What is the best way to set up two domains with two users to run on the server, one with vB and the other with WP? I think my main concern is Apache. All my recent experience is as a customer on a shared host and I've never had shell, let alone root access, everything is already configured, and tech support is close at hand.

I intend to tackle WP first.


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