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I am running three TKL instances in the AWS Cloud using the TKL Hub to set them up.   One ios a DB server running MySQl with the preconfigured LAMP TKL instance.  I cannot get the others to connect to the MySQL DB.  I have tried the usual obvious things:

1) localhost is commented out as is stop networking  (my.cnf file)

2) TKL firewall is configured to allow 3306 incoming and outgoing

3) I can connect locally using mysql command line so I know the DB is running  I can also use PHP MyAdmin locally.

4) I can ping the internal AWS IP address of one server from the other.

It seems like this would be a common thing to do and would not be so hard.  Any ideas from someone who has done this before?  At very least I would like to know how to test the port, as nc, telnet and other utility commands are not included in the TKL install.

Thank you.

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And it sounds like you are aware of that (via your point 1 above) but perhaps have a look at the docs:

Also AWS appliances have a separate firewall (known as a Security profile AFAIK) and you'll need to add an exception to that too. IIRC it's available via the Hub page of your server.

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Under 'privileges' you must create a user and use the credentials to connect to the DB. Make sure you set hosts to * if you connect from many sources or you can restrict to an IP for more security. As far as firewall and listening goes the DB appliances are not just bound to local host but as mentioned the CMS appliances are. So once you create a privileged user you should be good to connect.

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