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I just updated my AWS portal billing method after my bank issued a replacement credit card (which required me to change many recurring payment accounts) but it now shows that my TurnKey apps are being cancelled today. Is there a way restore or NOT cancel them now that there's a valid payment method in place on Amazon? I love your service and would like to continue without a hitch, if possible. Thanks – Eric
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And removed the old one. There was no hiccups at all in any of my Amazon stuff...

So unless Amazon have changed the process, the way it sounds you have done it has cancelled your old account!? If so that really sucks! And i doubt that there is any way around it. :( I'd contact AWS themselves and see what (if anything) can be done...

You could also try contacting the TKL devs if you want (although I doubt there is anything they can do - this would all be from AWS end I would think). The best way is via the TKL Hub feedback (blue button on the left when logged in) or via email alon (or liraz) at

PS I deleted the other post you made as it was the same as this one and not really relevant to the thread you posted on...

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I had my card skimmed and replaced. Amazon gave me a considerable amount of time to get my junk together. If its not too late already email them and beg for mercy.

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