Hi guys,

I'm running a LAMP stack on Amazon in a micro instance. All files is installed and LAMP is running great. I'm trying to install Wordpress and I just can't get it to run.

I searched the forums and didn't find anything helpful. I installed the wordpress installation files in my home folder and when that didn't work I installed the Wordpress files on the Root directory in a directory called myname.tklapp.com. I set up my SQL server and a user, and set up DB permissions with all the correct read & write permissions.

The last thing I did was set up a new Apache virtual server with the document root being /myname.tklapp.com and the server name being myname.tklapp.com on port 80.

Now when I go to myname.tklapp.com/wp-admin/install.php nothing happens I get an error saying 

The requested URL /wp-admin/install.php was not found on this server.

I even tried index.php and still nothing. What am I missing..... please help. Thanks


I would like to use Wordpress MU but I don't think the appliance is set up for that. If it was I would use it instead of going through all of this.

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You need to install to the doc root, which by default in the TKL LAMP appliance is /var/www. The landing page (aka Turnkey Control Panel) that you get with the TKL LAMP appliance is /var/www/index.php (webroot: myname.tklapp.com/index.php). So if you replace that with the root of the WP files then it should just work...

The other thing you could do is just start with the WP appliance and reconfigure that to be multisite...

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