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I've recently deployed the Turnkey SMF package you offer, but am having trouble with the upgrade packages.  The forum as you have it deployed is ver 2.0.2, and they are now up to 2.0.4.  I was able to sucessfully import the package into SMF, however it seems there is something wrong with the way that SMF is installed, as the upgrade will not install, or perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong.  Can someone with this running on ver 2.0.2 verify that the upgrade packages work with the way it's installed?

Link to upgrades:




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Are what are the errors/issues you are experiencing?

After having a look I suspect that you haven't read enough on the website. In fairness to you, it seems that despite a definition of their terms and explanation of how updates/upgrades work (see here) it's not quite how they say it is... 

The packages you link to are '(Small) Update' packages. Despite the fact that it seems you should be able use them, they don't seem to include the update.php script (which it says they should). So to work around this try using the 'Large Upgrade' package (from here).

Once you have used that (which should include the update.php script) then you should be able to use the "Small Update" packages that you linked to next time...

Just to add to the confusion there is also another way to update/upgrade called 'Patching'...

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Perhaps have a look at this thread (more-so my post, but probably best to read the OP for context). Obviously that is in reference to WordPress, but the same applies here...

If you have specific feature requests for an appliance best to note them on the Issue Tracker as they will get lost here in the forums.

Also like I mention on the thread I linked to, all help is warmly welcome! :) FWIW the Simple Machines build code is here (there are links to the build code on each appliance page).

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