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Why isnt is possible to assign a TLD on its own to an instance . ie The only way around this is to create a subdomain(host) www. , then assign this. Doing this however causes an issue that only will resolve to the instance, does not resolve.

I can go direct to the amazon console and create to point to the ip address the instance currently has but obviously this wont be updated dnyamically if I lose the ip. Elastic IP's are a possibility but seems an obvious requirement is lacking here?

Also, the ability to add more than a single domain name to an instance would be ideal for such a situation as LAMP with multiple blogs or the wordpress instance with the MU config change and multiple blogs each with its own DN ( not subdomains ), again I can probably get around this with the cname option ( not tested ) but again is kinda useless coupled with the issue mentioned earlier ( ie domains without WWW not resolving ).

Let me know if I have missed anything fundamental.



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I'm sure this has been discussed before and that you can indeed do what you are hoping for.

I've never done it and don't have my own domain attached to the Hub so can't test for you, but I think you just set your domain as *

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Take a look at here. We should probably summarize this in the documentation as it's becoming a recurring question.

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Thanks for the response, Guess I should be doing more searching and less moaning. :)

I do like the setup , am currently using centos and opscode chef , looks like I might have to port my scripts over to debian in the long run.

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