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Hi All

We are new to TurnKey and AWS.

Please excuse us for naive questions as we try to learn fast from y'all experts.


We bought a realty component package that uses Joomla 2.5 on their environment.

We like to migrate the software component to run on AWS for our simple configuration/development work.

We are not hardcore developers.

We came upon Turnkey when we signed up with AWS.


Could folks share the steps on how to set all this up to run on AWS environment so we could continue our configuration ?

Do we need to get a separate AWS package for MySQL just to get Joomla 2.6 to work ?

Does AWS EBS offer MySQL too ? We're not sure what their EBS service do exactly ?

From what we learn so far, we need a AWS instance to interact with an EBS but we also see other MySQL packagas, like TurnKey, so we are a little lost on where to begin.


Any help is appreciated.


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So if you want to use Joomla, then the TKL appliance has everything included that you'll need (to get started at least...)

The separate appliances have different purposes. E.g. if you only needed a MySQL database then you'd just use the MySQL appliance...

And just in case you haven't discovered it yet, the TKL Hub is your best bet for getting your server all set up and running on AWS. Have a look here:

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Hi Jeremy


Thanks for responding.

Let us read more and come back to you for guidance.




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