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I have installed VSFTP on a Lamp Stack instance, the ftp server is up and running, configured but the server will not allow ftp connections through port 21. I have attempted to open port 21 through iptables and using the firewall configuration through webmin but I continue to not be able to connect. I have installed VSFTP on numerous servers in the past without issue, but this is the first time i've attempted it with a Turnkey server instance. Is there something obvious that I am missing here?

Note: I am attempting to use standard FTP here, not SFTP


Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2013-04-11 01:28 UTC
Interesting ports on ec2-54-243-41-41.compute-1.amazonaws.com (
Not shown: 997 filtered ports
22/tcp  open  ssh
80/tcp  open  http
443/tcp open  httpsnning a nmap shows that port 21 is not open and listening, vsftp status says its running.

service vsftpd status

vsftpd is running

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If so then you will need to add port 21 to the AWS security profile. IIRC that can be done through the Hub.

Otherwise where is the machine running? Is it perhaps behind a firewall (on the host computer if running as a VM)? Or a NATed router (if trying to access it remotely)?

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