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Hi Folks

We're new to AWS and Turnkey. We bought TurnKey's Joomla 2.5 package.

After the instance is started as indicated on EC2 Management console, we then tried follow the instruction to reach TurnKey Joomla page using its public DNS (which we believe is the ip address to use to get to Joomla admin page)

Do we need to turn off the instance to not get charged since we are not using it - cuz we cant get to TurnKey's Joomla ?

What are we doing wrong ?

Any help is appreciated.


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But judging by your other recent post you may have wokred that out already?!

Also I think launching via the TKL Hub is your best bet. It allows you to do things like preseed your root and Joomla admin passwords, easily use a domain name and gives you a clue to what your machine is up to (i.e. when you first boot you can see that it is busy installing security updates).

And yes if you are not using it and don't want to get charged, then you will need to stop it. I'd make sure you have a backup first though, especially if you are using an S3 backed 'Hobby' instance (you will lose all your data when you stop an S3 backed instance). TKLBAM is handy for that (and is also available through the Hub).

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Hi Jeremy


Thanks for responding.

Seeing your response is always encouraging.

I did what you suggested before I got to this thread; wasnt sure anyone would respond to me.

We're still a newbie in this; got to *kowtow* to your expert knowledge.

We have joomla25 running and we are asking another vendor to install their component in a few days.

We have a domain to use (as an example:

We use TKHub Joomla25 and the Amazon Elastic IP is dynamic

We like to use as our hostname set in the TK hub and then on the vendor's DNS page, putting to associate with the Elastic IP address. so that Joomla could display to the public.

Is that the right way of configuring to serve Joomla to the public ?

Is there a way to make the IP address static ?

Do you mean that if we stop the server, all data saved in the DB is gone ?



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In my post above I mistakenly wrote "Buget plan" instead of "Hobby plan" but I just fixed it. Bottom line is that if you have a S3 backed instance and you stop it, yes you will lose all your data. If you have a EBS backed instance then your data will not all disapear but personally I don't 100% trust it and prefer to make sure you have a backup (my preference is TKLBAM). But make sure you test your TKLBAM backups occasionally. It's pretty good IMO but it pays to be on the safe side IMO.

As for your domain name, I'm not very experienced with AWS and custom domain names (the servers I run on AWS are all using the free domain names), but it sounds to me like you are on the right track. Whilst it's not quite a static IP, the elastic IP is basically a static IP that you can contact your machine on, so for all intents and purposes it is a static IP and AFAIK is the best and most reliable way to link up to your own custom domain. The Hub can do it via dynamic DNS, but I'm not sure if there is a charge for using a custom domain and some DNS servers can be slow to propagate an IP change. You also have to llow for DNS caching, so the best and most reliable way IMO is with an elastic IP.

And glad that my comments are useful to you. I was a complete Linux newb myself a few years ago so don't give up hope! :) IMO playing with stuff (and breaking it) is the best way to learn. Don;t do it with your production server though! :)

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