Hello. I am trying to install a second WordPress installation on the appliance. I do not want to run multisites, I want to host more than one WordPress site with a separate directory and database. I have successfully set this up on other linux servers, however I am having a difficult time with this appliance, I am assuming because I am not so familiar with Debian.

  I have read many instructions about setting up the separate NameVirtualHost file for each site in the Sites-Available folder, and running the a2ensite command for each, but no matter what I try, I always get URL not found. Very frustrating. Ideally I would like to import an already existing site, however I would be happy to just be able to get two basic sites installed and functional, and then worry about importing the other data and xml. I have read quite a few posts about creating a multisite setup, but have not had much success finding instructions for setting up multiple separate sites. Can anyone provide some direction for me? Thank you.


Anyone home? Is this such a stupid question that it's not worth answering?

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Speaking of reasons, If you are using domain names, why would you not just set up a multisite? I don't see the point of having multiple installs of WP on the same server... I see the point of having 2 sites running on completely different servers, but if you're running 2 sites under one instance of Apache then why not just use a multisite setup? Perhaps you have a good reason, but from my perspective I would think that it is a middle ground that doesn't really provide the best of anything... 

Anyway. I imagine that it should be possible... But I have no idea how you'd go about it.

Perhaps it's a stupid suggestion but do you have DNS set up (or edited hosts file) to point to your server? Also di you restart Apache after creating your sites?

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