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I have installed the Nginx PHP fastcgi package that comes with nginx 0.7. How do I go about upgrading this to the latest Nginx version?

Any assistance will be appreciated. I am still very much a noobi...

Thanks in advance

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Is there a bug, or a feature you need that is missing?

Unless you have a particularly good reason then don't bother is my advice. The version of Nginx inclued in TKL has security patches backported and auto installed within 24hrs of release. 

However if you do have a good reason then it is quite doable, although not easy or newb friendly. Also keep in mind that you will be reducing security (no auto updates anymore) and increasing your maintenance overheads (have to manually update/upgrade everytime a new version comes out).

If you still want to persist I can give you some pointers...

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Well it looks like v1.2.1 is in the Wheezy repos (which is what TKL v13 will be based on). Considering that Wheezy went stable today, as I see it the best 2 options are to create your own using the TKL v13.0RC Core or to pin Nginx (in your existing appliance) to the Wheezy repo and update it.

Unfortunately I haven't got time to go into specifics ATM but probably the easiest is the second. I suggest that you do some googling on 'pinning packages' in Debian and hopefully you will get the idea...

I'm happy to give some guidance. Let me know how you go, and we'll go from there...

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But if you keep in mind that the TKL appliances are Debian (Squeeze in the case of v12.x; Wheezy in the case of the upcoming v13.x) headless servers under the hood.

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