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First of all, congratulations for Templates Turnkey.
I wrote a message not knowing or make this request.
Is it possible to have a template of Apache Tomcat 7 on Debian 7?
Or where to post this request?
Thank you.
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As you may or may not realise, all the current appliances are based on Debian 6, but the next release of TKL (v13) will be based on Debian 7. And I imagine that an updated Tomcat appliance will be among them.There is no ETA for their release as yet but I know that the devs are madly working on getting a final release of TKL v12 (12.1) out the door and then their attention will turn to v13...

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It's on the 'todo' list but so is lots of stuff (we're pretty snowed under at the moment). I suspect that it may not get updated until v14.0 (or perhaps v13.2 if there ends up being another release between v13.1 & v14.0).

However, if you'd like to push it forward then you can find the appliance code for the existing appliance on GiHub here. You may also need to tweak the tomcat specific code in turnkey-common. If you get onto it soon, then I suspect that it may even make it into the v13.1 release...

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