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I downloaded the SAMBA PDC drop in vm along with the OpenLDAP vm. Will smbldap-tools get these two talking? How about nscd is that necessary too? Or would it be faster to put samba on the OpenLDAP appliance instead?

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I have limited experience working with LDAP so I have no idea on the best way forward for you. However I suspect that if you are comfortable configuring Samba yourself, then adding Samba to the OpenLDAP appliance is possibly your best bet.

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thanks Jeremy as it turns out anything is easier than trying to set up ldap on Solaris, which is where all the data will ultimately sit. I'm gonna first just try getting the two talking. Virtualbox snapshots are easy enough so I can try and try again. As a fallback I guess I could just copy the .conf files for samba off the drop in pdc and install samba on the ldap vm.


Nice to have choices at least!


thanks again.

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