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This should be a quick one.  I have TKL Hub, EC2 with an Elastic IP running the Wordpress appliance.

I want to add a SSL cert for our wordpress site.  I found the following link back in 2010:


Is this page along with the steps is applicable for what I need to follow to get an SSL cert installed on the TKL appliance?  I didn't see any option on our TKL web admin page.

If there is anything else I need to be aware of please let me know.



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But it would be a good starting point I would think. Even though that was written some time ago when TKL was using an Ubuntu base I would imagine it would still be relevant to the current Debian based appliances. If you keep in mind that the current TKL is based on Debian Squeeze then you could have a google and see how others do it and compare.

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Wanted to follow-up and update everyone on this for reference, so I followed those instructions in that link I posted earlier.  

So its fair to say its also applicable to the Debian based applicances.

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Thanks for posting back to confirm. :)

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