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Hello guys

Something just messed up my database. Trying to restore a mysql tkl machine to a couple of hours ago and I am getting alot of errors in the process. Never had this kind of problem before.


Now the mysql service wont even start.


Attached is the full tklbam restore output.


Currently I am trying to restore the backup to a new Ec2 machine. Lets see what happens. Hope my backups are not completly lost =[


Best regards.

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Just an update. I was able to restore to a ec2 machine and from there I am recovering my data.

The machine (that runs locally) seems to be lost. I am going to restore it from a old snapshot (vmware - 2 months ago) and try to restore again.


Any ideia why this happens (so I can prevent?)?Best regards.

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But I have no idea what could be going wrong... Glad to hear that at least you can restore your data though... If your EC2 instance is working as expected, then perhaps the best bet is to just create a new local vm and restore your TKLBAM backup there?

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