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having a good day sir i want to know are there is any server avaliable that i kept my windows and other important software on server and directly install from that server.

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If you are after a server to store your Windows software installers on (i.e. exe and msi files) then the TKL fileserver appliance may suit your purposes. If you are using Windows Vista/7/8 then you will probably encounter security warnings when you try to install the software from the remote folder but otherwise it should work fine...

If you are looking for a server to actually run Windows software (and/or the whole OS itself) then no TKL does not have anything like that. ProxmoxVE is a hypervisor that you can install Windows on (as a VM) or there are plenty of other Desktop (and server) type solutions (such as VirtualBox, VMware etc). Wine can be installed on Linux and will allow you to run (some) Windows apps in Linux, but AFAIK it is more designed for running desktop type software (even Windows server software requires a GUI, which generally Linux servers don't have).

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