Hi All I just tried the demo site and while the following url works and shows me the state etc. I cannot login to the web console of the instance nor can I SSH/TELNET to the IP or URL.


Is the demo site down?

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Sorry but I have no idea what you mean... Which appliance are you using? (There are over 100 different ones...)

Regardless of which appliance, which version, which platform, on what network; loggin into Webmin and SSH require using the root user account and the password that you set for the root account on firstboot (or through the GUI of the platform you are running on if talking about AWS, OVZ, Openstack or other 'headless' cloud type virtualisation platforms).

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the response. It was the online demo. I created an instance. I think it was web2py. Either way the SSH login was not available.





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Or did you get it from the AWS marketplace?

If it was launched from the TKL Hub then you can setup either SSH key pair or set your own root password prior to launch.

If you launched from the Amazon Marketplace then you will need to look at the console output and find (the randomly set) root password to login...

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