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Hi, I've been looking for the longest time to find the i386 downloads of both the Wordpress appliance and the Concrete5 appliance. Any help on where to get those would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Bumb. I really need some help with this. Are 32 bit downloads even available?

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The website only links directly to the 64-bit (amd64) images, but the 32-bit (i386) images are available for download from sourceforge as well as our mirror network. The TurnKey Hub also supports 32-bit deployment on the smaller instance sizes.

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im probably one of your earlyest adopters (english isnt my first language, please pardon spelling) and i even remember when you only had 12 distros not the pages of them you have now.

im greatly disapointed at the move from 32bit to the majority 64bit systems you have now as  there are a great deal of individuals accross the developed and developing world using 32bit systems. without mainintaining a 32bit presence for each distrobution there are a great number of users whom will never get to discover your site and services. nor the numbers who to which i cannot refer your site too.


  • lastly..  the smaller industrys and businesses typically use older pc which typical are 32bit for there online presence and without your software there likely to go elsewhere.

please reconsider your aproach to including a 32bit download link within your distributions.



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FWIW some time ago I have put up a few 'issues' on our tracker that relate to your request. Namely #302, #303 and #304.

If you have a GitHub account (and if you don't they're free) and have anything to add or clarify please feel free to comment further on any (or all) of those. :)

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