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hi friends, turnkey fileserver has served me enough to use it as online storage, now my idea is to have one single user with one single folder (ideally use 1 user per Hard drive [1 tera approximately]). but me and realized that the move to the section of "home" to "storage" this directory storage is common for users "(when users think user groups)". Now, How I can disable the "storage" and just leave "home" folder? (when I explore mi files in ajaxplorer in the section "Switch repository to..."
 thanks greetings every all
P.S: I attached the image for the example
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Nobody how I can disable IT?

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I image that they have a forum and/or mailing list and I'd think that they would be the experts of their software and have some suggestions for you. Be great if you post back, assuming you find an answer.

PS I removed your other thread and added some tags to this one... I know it can be frustrating waiting for answers and sometimes a bump is well justified, but double posting (with 2 separate threads on the same thing) will rarely win you any friends! It's all good, I'm just saying...

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Jeremy, sorry for the incovenience when I post this thread, (This post is my first post here in, so we did not have very clear as posting system worked at first. Sorry).

I read the responses of other issues (Threads in the forum) I did an opening, and I want to thank the answer if it were to have a solution before I write here.
best regards
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It's all good mate, no worries at all. I was just saying...! :)

Hopefully you will get an answer and be able to post it back here. 

BTW welcome to TKL! Hope you enjoy! :)

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