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 I am using the TKL Web2Py Appliance and deploying my Web2Py application through the TKL Hub. My application is "myapp". I log in to the TKL Hub with SSL (this works just fine). I access the page for my applications server via SSL: https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/servers/ (this is all ok).
 Now when I click on the link for my application or the public IP for my application I get the following error: ("The site's security certificate is not trusted"). I can access this page, but with no SSL. Also, any following user logins to my application is in the clear (no SSL).

The Web2Py TurnKey Linux Appliance is supposed to be "out of the box with SSL". I'm not sure exactly what that means. Should SSL just work as is, or do I need to purchase a certificate and if so where does my applications' certificate must be placed?

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And if you specify HTTPS it should not go back to HTTP, it should continue to use SSL encrytion (i.e. stay HTTPS). However as the SSL certificate is a self signed wildcard one it is expected behaviour to give the error you mention.

"out of the box with SSL" means that HTTPS is enabled and the server is configured with a self signed certificate. By adjusting the config of the server you can choose to force it to use SSL always (but that won't change the error message).

To get SSL to work without displaying the trust error you will need to purchase your own certificate and install it. Obviously that will also require a domain (with a certificate to cover the domain/subdomain as required/desired). There is quite an old TKL blog post about SSL certs (including how to install a trusted 3rd party cert from a CA) but it has recently been confirmed by another user to be working with the current TKL release.

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