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Hello all,

I have been trying to edit my outgoing mail for the Canvas LMS instance on AWS, but havent gotten anywhere. apperantly there are 2 ways to go about it. and they come pre-configured in two ways:

- SSH (command-line interface) - (Which I have no knowledge of or know how to use)
- Webmin (web based GUI admin tool) - (What I was looking for and easier to use and manage)

Webmin would be a more straightforward service to administer the server via, since my experience with Linux is very limited.

After searching the Turnkey Linux forums I found the following post detailing how Webmin seems to be set up in their images:

In order to enable access to Webmin, I tried the following:

1) Open the AWS Management Console in a browser
2) Open the EC2 service page
3) Open Security Groups from the NETWORK & SECURITY list on the left
4) Locate the Security Group named: "Canvas - Learning Management System provided by TurnKey Linux-12-AutogenByAWSMP-"
5) Click on the "Inbound" tab for this security group. Add a new rule as follows:
  - Custom TCP Rule
  - Port range: 10000
  - Source: <your IP Address>. If you do not know your IP address, you could set this to but -please be aware- this allows the entire Internet to access the admin interface of your server. This may pose a security risk to your server and you should restrict access to this service as tightly as possible.
6) Attempt to access your server in a browser:

After doing all these steps, I was still unable to get through or access the Webmin.




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You can undo the changes you made and just conect to Webmin on the TKL default of port 12321 so access is via https://<your-appliance-ip>:12321

You just need to make sure you use the public IP (not the private IP). 

One other thing, I assume that you are just using the AWS CP (you got your appliance through the AWS Marketplace?). I recommend you have a look at the TKL Hub.

FWIW that thread you got your info from is nearly 5 years old, TKL have used the non standard port of 12321 for Webmin for many years now...

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